Saturday, July 2, 2016

Luxury rent a car in Bucharest

In the last couple of years I give up all hopre regarding luxury rent a car in Bucharest - which was a shame in fact if you consider that Bucharest is one of the bigest cities in the European Union, the most important economical and cultural center of Romania and not least, a pretty decent city.

I was for my forst time in Bucharest around 22 years ago, in the early mid 90's, where the country was strugling with the economic depression after the fall of the communist regims - you would be able to see anywhere the fact that the country was in a very poor shape, to notice that the people were not so well dressed and the fact that all the stores had all the same types of products, it was pretty clear that this country had big economical problems, but on a substratum of educated people.

So... it was clear that I wanted to make business there, in Romania, to became rich and in the same time to help the economy of this country to reach its potential.

So... 10 years later, in 2004, the coun try was completely different, with a small developing market economy that was pushing forward slow and steady, with great people that were better and better at doing business - only with a small problems - related particullary to luxury services,

So... in the beginning it was kinda hard to find proper transfer and transportation for my foreign partners that were coming to visit me in Romania for the purpose of doing business, as there were no luxury rental services, but finally the market evolved and now they have all that they would have needed :).

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